Because I love business so much, a number of people who have known me for a long time have asked 2 key questions –

Why Governor? And why now?

Today, I’m answering both.

Why Governor?

When I was at the early stages of my career, I tried to disqualify myself from a big project because I didn’t have what I thought was the needed experience.

My mentor said something to me that changed my life. He said, “It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it. What matters is that you can.”

Every time I come up against a new challenge, that’s what I think.

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Getting married.

Becoming a mom.

Buying a business.

And now, becoming Governor of California.

I am a rational person. I didn’t wake up one day just thinking, “I should be the Governor.”

Gratefully, I’m not a career politician. I’m not a celebrity.

In fact, I’ve been pretty turned off by the tone of the political conversation in the US in the last few years.

But our leaders do matter, and I have come to realize that more than ever after going through the pandemic this last year.

In fact, to push myself not just to criticize what others were doing, I put myself in our leaders’ shoes. I created my own data models and developed my own insights. I identified other options to save lives and sustain businesses, and was upset by the choices made instead.

The leader that matters the most in the state of California is our Governor.

Why now?

I started thinking about running for Governor some day – in the future. (That’s what I usually do when hard things are on the horizon.)

But through conversations with personal and political advisors, they asked me – “What will change for you in the next 10 or 20 years?”

Then, they asked – “What will change in California – if nothing changes?”

I froze.

After taking time to listen to constituents across the state, I have summed up my trepidation about the future into 2 things.

Two key areas are broken in California – where we are going, and how we are getting there.

I’m going to start with the how – more listening, more local control. Then, together, we’ll shape the where.

Fund The Future

Yours for CA,

Jenny Rae Le Roux

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