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Now, many of you know me – from work, from school, from life. For those of you who have never met me, however, I’d like to introduce a little more about who I am.

Who is Jenny Rae, anyway?

I’m glad you asked, and I’m excited to introduce myself. I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania surrounded by farms, so it’s no surprise that when I moved to California to build my first tech company I chose to locate close to the farms in Redding, CA.

I’m married to a wonderful partner, Paul. One of Paul’s life missions is to be a great dad, and he has plenty of experience raising our 3 young boys. Paul has been supportive of my choice to be a working mom from the beginning of our life together, and thankfully he is an amazing cook.

What has Jenny Rae done to prepare to be Governor?

Without knowing it, I have been preparing to lead the world’s 5th largest economy for the last 20 years.

First of all – unlike career politicians, becoming Governor was not in my life plan. I love the creativity, fast pace, and solution focus of business.

And I’m definitely not in this to become a celebrity. I was thrilled to be privately successful.

I started my career at Bain and Company, a top global consulting firm. While there, I learned how to use data to rigorously analyze everything – from how much something should cost to what happens if you change prices and more. In fact, I worked with government agencies, multiple billion-dollar companies, and even non-profits to develop strategy.

While I loved the work I did, I love disruption and growth and was drawn to the tech industry – which brought me to California. I worked on 2 start-ups – one in energy technology (batteries), and one in financial technology (payments). Ultimately, I bought a business technology company, and have scaled it successfully since using innovation, data, and a focus on customer service.

In addition, Paul and I bought a ranch – we are excited to raise our boys on land, with animals, and in an atmosphere of hard work. While we are not anywhere close to the commercial scale of many farms in California, we value farming – it is necessary for life.

I hope to meet you in person – on Zoom, FBLive, YouTube, and in person in the days to come.

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Yours for CA,

Jenny Rae Le Roux


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