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Today, I am offering my first act of responsive listening by email. I’ve had meetings all over California for months – by Zoom and in person. I start the meetings with a survey (I’ll include that in a future message).

Then, before I even get to the results of the survey, someone asks – “Tell us about the recall.” Last week, that was my most frequently asked question. So, before I go into more details about why I am running for Governor and why I will be civil and honorable in this race, here’s the short version of my answer to the Recall question:

What is the California Recall? How Does The California Recall Work?

The recall is a people’s impeachment mechanism. Anyone can initiate a recall for state officials by filing a notice-of-intent-to-recall petition signed by 65 voters. Then, the petition drive process begins.

For the actual petition to trigger an election, organizers have to reach signature numbers equal to 12% of the most recently cast votes for the targeted office for executive officials. When Gavin Newsom was elected, there were 12.5M votes cast, so the organizers needed to have about 1.5M signatures.

In addition, the petition must include signatures from each of at least five counties equal in number to 1% of the last vote for the office in that county, but that was easily accomplished in this case.

Organizers turned in 2.1M signatures in March and 1.6M were verified. So, is there a Recall election – or not?

Grassroots organizers collected an impressive number of signatures. The verification process eliminated duplicate signatures or signatures that could not be verified as active voters.

But yes, the threshold (1.5M) was surpassed. There will be a Recall election.

Now, Newsom is getting Recalled. What exactly does that mean?

The Recall certification now means that the special election is happening, and voters will have a 2-question ballot (likely in November 2021, in only 6 months).

Question 1: vote yes or no to remove Newsom from office (Question 1 on the ballot).
Question 2: choose his successor.

If 50.0001% or more vote to remove him, the #1 vote getter on Question 2 wins. There is no primary (so many candidates can be on the ballot), and there is no runoff.

Why isn’t the date set yet?

California procedure. The election still needs to be funded and scheduled.

Do you have more questions about the Recall? If so, please contact us.

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Yours for CA,

Jenny Rae Le Roux

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