Smart Water Plan: Ensuring All Californians Have Enough Water

Access to plentiful, clean water is a non-negotiable–we can’t live, work, or breathe without it. Gavin Newsom campaigned on the promise that he would fix our water problems. Three years later, he has made no progress. The only solution he’s offered is to ask people nicely to stop using it.

As Governor, I will stop the flushing of 50% of our water out to the Pacific Ocean by turning on the Delta Pump. In addition, I will prioritize:

Smart Water Plan Step 1: Investment in an aging water infrastructure

We have not completed a major water infrastructure project since the 1970s, even though our population has doubled in size. Even beyond major infrastructure, we must replace aging small infrastructure as well. California loses over 8 billion gallons of water per year due to leaking pipes.

Smart Water Plan Step 2: Reforming Water Rights Rules

Our water rights rules, some of which are over 100 years old, must be updated for the 21st century. Many of these water rights cannot be bought or sold, leading to inefficient water use.

Smart Water Plan Step 3: Recapture and Recycling

Finally, I will prioritize water recycling infrastructure in high-demand areas to ensure the maximum recapture of water. I will accelerate permitting for additional water treatment and desalination plants in major cities to boost water supply in coastal areas.