August 11, 2021
Media Contact: Jenna Crouse
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Gubernatorial Candidate Jenny Rae Le Roux says Newsom vaccine mandates will drive teachers and health care workers out of California

REDDING — Businesswoman and Gubernatorial Candidate Jenny Rae Le Roux charged Gavin Newsom today with exacerbating the California Exodus by mandating vaccines for teachers and school workers.

“How many teachers and healthcare workers can California afford to lose to forced mandates? Newsom’s math on this is as bad as California public school math scores. We need new leadership,” Le Roux stated.

California becomes the first state in the nation to mandate vaccines for school workers and teachers.

Le Roux acknowledges that the Delta variant poses a risk to public health, but maintains that there are strategies to combat the variant that fall short of mandates.

Le Roux continued, “Other states are making plans for safe, in-person learning this fall without forcing teachers to undergo a medical procedure. Why can’t California do the same? I’m not anti-vaccine – in fact, I’m vaccinated myself. However, that is a personal decision that was made in consultation with my doctor. California’s teachers deserve the same right. A government that educates, not mandates, maintains the balance between freedom and public safety.”

“When I am Governor, I will free California from government overreach by allowing Californians to make their own medical decisions,” Le Roux said.

Jenny Rae Le Roux’s full COVID response plan is available here. For more information, see below.

Why Vaccine Mandates Will Unnecessarily Hurt California

  1. Vaccine mandates are not necessary – we’re already on track to get where we need to be and mandates are unlikely to make a significant difference because few of the unvaccinated will get vaccinated as a result of them
  2. There are other strategies the unvaccinated have said will work to increase our vaccination rates that don’t violate people’s rights
  3. We already have teacher and healthcare worker shortages and vaccine mandates will make it worse

We are on our way to success with the vaccine

  • As of August 10, according to the CDC, 80% of those 18 and older have had at least one dose of vaccine.
  • We’re currently giving ~46k Dose 1 shots/day (7-day average throughout August). If we continue at this pace, we’ll have all people over 18 who want the vaccine vaccinated by Thanksgiving
  • According to national polling from KFF, only 3% will get vaccine just because it’s required and 14% will definitely not get it

Incentives can be useful to increase vaccination rates

According to April polling by KFF, there are at least 4 strategies the unvaccinated say will increase their likelihood of getting vaccinated. I would use these as Governor to increase vaccination rates without mandating them:

  • 30% of the unvaccinated said they would be more likely to get the vaccine if the vaccine was offered to them at a place they normally go for health care.
  • 28% would be more likely to get the vaccine if their employer gave them paid time off to get vaccinated and recover from any side effects.
  • 26% would be more likely to get the vaccine if their employer offered to pay them an extra $200 to get vaccinated.
  • 20% would be more likely to get the vaccine if their employer arranged for a medical provider to come to their work and administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

We already have a healthcare worker and teacher shortage, and this will make it worse

The federal government’s Council on Graduate Medical Education recommends 60 to 80 primary care doctors per 100,000 people. Statewide in California, the number already is down to just 50 per 100,000 — and in some places, it’s even lower: down to 35 in the Inland Empire and 39 in the San Joaquin Valley, according to a report from The Future Health Workforce Commission.

A staggering 11.2 million people in California (28%) already live in an area that has a shortage of primary care providers.

In addition, the same report from the The Future Health Workforce Commission showed that 48% of healthcare workers do not believe the government should recommend that private employers mandate the vaccine. This suggests that a fair percentage of healthcare workers will opt to quit their jobs instead of being forced to get vaccinated. I talked with a healthcare worker the other day that feels this way:

Finally, California also has a teacher shortage. The California State Teachers’ Retirement System, or CalSTRS, reported a 26% increase in the number of teacher retirements in the second half of 2020, compared with the same period in 2019.

One of the best indicators of teacher shortages is the prevalence of substandard credentials or permits, which by law should be issued only when fully credentialed teachers are not available. In 2017–18, California issued more than 13,000 intern credentials, permits, and waivers, nearly triple the number issued in 2012–13In 2017-2018, 34% of new hires had substandard credentials.