We have a sophisticated donor outreach system, but there’s nothing like personal touch.

Last week, a donor set up a time to talk and sent me these questions beforehand – so I figured you might be interested in knowing the answers as well.

What are your credentials, level of education and any awards/honorable recognition?

I am a business owner (owned a tech business for 9 years and have worked for 20 years in the business world, including with top consulting firm Bain). I have advised governments, large companies, and non-profits.

I also have a B.A. in Economics and an MBA from Columbia Business School (Ivy League). I value excellence and won the top student award in each program.

What is your plan if elected?

I have a 5-year plan (1 year + 4 year term) to improve how we:

Live – increase affordable housing and accelerate building by removing onerous regulations; improve schools by re-focusing on students and parents.
Work – corporate tax reductions, lower franchise tax fees, and a welcoming business-friendly environment
Breathe – improve forest, water, and power management

Perhaps most importantly, I will be a voice of reason in a sea of insanity.

What party do you represent?

I’m a Republican.

What is your background/where are you from?

I’m from Redding, and live with my husband/3 boys on a ranch just outside city limits.

What would you do differently from Newsom if elected?

I struggle to think of anything (priorities, process, or policy) I would do the same.

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Jenny Rae Le Roux


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