A tech business owner and global strategist working for the future of all Californians.

Let's Free California

California is in trouble - wildfires, oppressive government rules, and skyrocketing costs threaten our future.

California's crises come from one common root: undervaluing the people and businesses that make this state great. To build our state, we must ensure that Californians can:
1. Live. To ensure families will build for the future, we need a world-class education system, sufficient housing, and strong public safety.
2. Work. To celebrate businesses, we need reduced fees, taxes aligned with competitive states, and regulation to protect - not to punish - operating enterprises.
3. Breathe. Wildfires, water right seizures, and brown-outs are Newsom's "new normal" - but not under my leadership. Forests, water, and power must be managed with a long-term view.


We must move from fighting against fraud, waste, and mismanagement to building the future of CA.


  • Strong public education with STEM learning and workforce preparation, not special interest curriculum
  • Sufficient housing supply spurred by incentives, not regulations, to accelerate building
  • Public safety support to solve crime and homelessness with community-based, data-driven solutions 


  • Reduce business fees that are 16X higher than other states to ensure businesses don’t leave
  • Stop anti-business regulation to allow businesses to re-focus on delivering products and services
  • Align business taxes with competitive states to incentivize businesses to build and grow in CA


  • Manage 4M acres of federal, state and private land using logging and controlled burn permits to reduce wildfires.
  • Invest in water storage, fight for water rights for farmers, and operate the Delta pumps at full capacity
  • Build a power system for the future by adding new clean energy while maintaining adequate supply

It's time for good people to stand up.

In trying times, CA needs a capable leader, active listener, and insightful strategist for the state's top job.


How my priorities and process would have guided COVID decisions:


In April 2020, I created a data model to identify my key management metric for COVID: ICU capacity. Overflowing ICUs are a real crisis; using limited local restrictions averts lockdown fatigue and saves lives.

Outdoor restrictions – closing parks, beaches, outdoor dining, and campgrounds – were non-scientific and unreasonable.

Passing liability protections for schools would have enabled them to open and operate with liability insurance.


Essential work classifications prioritized big lobbying interests over small business. We needed simple, fair guidance – such as capacity and mask guidelines – to keep all businesses safely open.

The EDD unemployment backlog scandal demanded answers – immediate staffing increases and a complete overhaul.

By actively studying workplaces that safely re-opened, we could have shared best practices and accelerated a return to normal.


Our social services infrastructure protects from major shocks, such as pandemics. But early prison releases were public disasters.

I would have maintained public safety by improving health standards within prisons, and offered the unemployed work on forest management including controlled burns.

In addition, I would have been honest about the power and water crises in the state. I would have worked on planning longer-range management plans for better future use.

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What are your priorities for CA?

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