My Plan to Solve California’s Wildfire Crisis

My heart aches for the community of Greenville, who lost almost their entire town yesterday to the Dixie Fire. My family lost a home to the Carr Fire in 2018 – this issue in particular is personal for me.

I’m looking into ways that all Californians can rally around the Greenville community in the most beneficial way, and will share ways soon that we can all help.

The Dixie Fire burning in Greenville on Wed. Aug. 4. Photo courtesy of the AP

I’m also angry today. This fire has been burning for 3 weeks, and wasn’t treated seriously right away like it should have been.

But the issue goes beyond that.

California experiences the same average number of fires per year now as we did 40 years ago. So if the problem isn’t more fires, what is it? Our fires are bigger and more destructive now.

What we’ve been doing so far isn’t working. Gavin Newsom just held a joint press conference with the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, where he said, “The reality at the end of the day is we need to approach things differently and we need to acknowledge that the hots are getting a lot hotter, the drys are getting drier.”

Newsom began his term as Governor almost 3 years ago promising to end wildfires, and now he’s saying we need to approach things differently. He’s had 3 years to figure it out and the problem has only gotten worse.

Instead of blaming climate change, it’s time to control what we can control. All of the climate change blaming hasn’t gotten us any closer to a solution.

I have a plan to solve our wildfire issue.

  1. I will institute a robust forest management program that clears 1 million acres per year of California forests
  2. I will reduce regulations on the timber industry, allowing for the sustainable harvesting of our forest wood, which will reduce the risk of fire and reduce the cost of housing by increasing lumber supply
  3. I will negotiate shared management agreements with the federal government (much of California’s 33 million acres of forests are on federal land) so that we’re not punished for the incompetence of the U.S. Forest Service

I share more about my plan in the short video below.

California needs a problem-solver with experience running large organizations where outcomes matter.

I have a plan to solve our wildfire crisis, and will begin to implement it on my 1st day in office. Have questions? Write me or invite me to come speak to a group.

To a free California,

Jenny Rae