One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked on the campaign trail is my stance on abortion. My answer: I am pro-life.

I’m a Republican, but that is not why I’m pro-life. In fact, I have not historically been a single-issue voter. Plus, there are pro-abortion Republicans (even in this race).

I am pro-life because of my own life experience.

Last week, I sat down with my husband Paul to share our story. Our experience changed my “why” for life and has helped us relate without judgement to anyone who has chosen abortion.

As a pro-life Governor, I will only put my name on bills that value human life.

Right now in California, approximately 1/3 of pregnancies every year are ended by abortion.

I believe in a California where every child is free to grow up to pursue their dreams, and every woman has the support she needs to navigate pregnancy.

I believe in a California where every teen mom is free to finish high school remotely, and is supported through higher ed as well.

I believe in a thriving California economy that provides women (and families) with economic security and flexible work so that abortion doesn’t feel like the only option.

As California’s first female Governor, I will pursue policies that enhance the lives of all – women, men, and babies.


Jenny Rae

P.S. If you want to connect about your story of infant loss through stillbirth, miscarriage, or abortion – feel free to email me.

P.P.S. If you feel differently about this issue than I do, I am happy to engage in respectful conversation.

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