Jenny Rae announces “Be the Bridge” Tour to bridge divisions across California

For too long, Republicans running for office have ignored those outside of the Republican establishment. I’m changing that.

Starting this weekend, I’m kicking off a statewide “Be the Bridge” tour in LA and Orange County that will meet Californians where they’re at.

This is a no-fancy-people, no fancy places California tour. 

I’ll be stopping by homeless camps, tribal lands, and formerly red-lined neighborhoods to hear from real people. 

Come meet me and share your concerns.

This weekend, I’ll be joining a back-to-school giveaway, canvassing neighborhoods that don’t often hear from Republicans, and sharing my vision for California at an event in Irvine.

Register here for Saturday 8/28 event in Irvine.

California needs a leader who brings all voices to the table, and does more listening than speaking.

I believe that’s one of the reasons I earned the vote of a citizen in Pasadena, who sent me one of the most humbling notes I’ve ever received: “This past May, I became an American citizen and my vote for you is the first vote I ever cast in America. It felt great! I love your page and reading all about your platform and family—I’m family-oriented myself—and I can’t wait to see what you can do for our beautiful state of California.”

Our message of hope and solutions is resonating, both in California and nationally. I was on a national media outlet this week to discuss my solutions to California’s problems.

To bridging the divide,

Jenny Rae