Interview with Sherry Ward from Wilderness Season

I recently chatted with Sherry Ward about my plan to Free California from incompetent leadership. We need leaders who work in the best interests of the people, not special interest groups. And we need leaders who focus on the fundamental problems plaguing our state. My 3-part platform – Live, Work, Breathe – does just that.

Live – Read my Smart Spending plan to reduce homelessness and increase the supply of housing, my Smart Schools plan to improve our education system, and my Safe Communities plan to reduce crime.

Work – Read my Grow Smarter plan to fix the worst business climate in America and reduce California’s unemployment rate, which is currently the 3rd highest in the nation.

Breathe – My Smart Environment plan will reduce the devastation brought on by wildfires and manage our water with an eye towards long-term sustainability. Finally, my Fuel Smarter plan will ensure California is able to meet its energy demand.

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