Top 10 Reasons to Recall Gavin Newsom

The latest polls have tightened and even reversed, now showing that more than 50% of voters want to remove Newsom from office. Still, almost 10% remain undecided.

Businesswoman and Gubernatorial Candidate Jenny Rae Le Roux believes the ~10% of undecided voters will vote to remove Newsom if they take an honest look at his track record, which she lays out in the short video series below.

The most important goal Jenny Rae has is removing Newsom from office on September 14th. Help make that happen by sharing this video series on YouTube, social media, or by email.

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Here’s the summary video, highlighting all 10 reasons:

Reason #10: Insider Corruption:

Newsom awarded $221M+ in no-bid contracts this year alone to UnitedHealth, a top campaign contributor.

Reason #9: EDD Fraud

Newsom’s administration ignored months of warnings and a 4-day fix that could have saved California upwards of $30 billion in fraud.

Reason #8: School Closures

California had fewer schools open than any other state, while Newsom’s kids were learning in-person in private school.

Reason #7: Prisoner Releases:

As homicides hit a 13-year high, Newsom shut prisons and cleared the release of 76,000 inmates.

Reason #6: Homelessness Rising

Newsom wasted billions converting motels as homeless on streets increased 17% in his first year in office and 7% more in his second year.

Reason #5: Business Departures

Tesla, Oracle, and Toyota left and 19,000 businesses permanently closed even as Newsom oddly declared “there’s literally no better place to do business.”

Reason #4: Wildfire Lies and Broken Promises

Newsom did 1/7th of what he promised and then lied about it, leaving the state vulnerable to tragedies like the Dixie Fire.

Reason #3: Abuse of Power

Newsom’s overreach was shot down in court multiple times. 

Reason #2: Hypocrisy

Dining at the French Laundry maskless and sending his kids to a camp that refused to enforce his own mask rules.

Reason #1: The California Exodus

2020 was the first year the state lost more people than it gained.