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Top Republican Fundraising Candidate Excluded from Governor Debate


(ORANGE, CA) – In a stunning move, Candidate for Governor Jenny Rae Le Roux was denied an invitation to the upcoming candidate debate on August 4. 

The Nixon Foundation, hosting the debate, hand-picked 5 candidates – all male, all political insiders – for the debate. Le Roux, who is a top fundraiser, is the only outsider businesswoman running for Governor.

According to the Nixon Foundation, debate participants were selected by applying “proprietary internal metrics”. The campaign reached out to the Foundation for the actual metrics and was told they would not be shared publicly.

“Proprietary internal metrics” is apparently code for “we put who we want on stage.”

All the confirmed participants are part of the political establishment running to replace the ultimate political insider, failed Governor Gavin Newsom. Millions of moms whose children have been locked out of school by Governor Newsom and countless others who are struggling to make ends meet in California’s economy will not have their voices represented on the stage at the Nixon Library.

Le Roux is a top-tier fundraiser in this race, has raised the most money of any female candidate, and has demonstrated support from a wide range of communities around the state.

In response to this decision, Le Roux stated:

“I got into this race to free California from the corrupt political establishment that has ruined this state and return power to the people so that we can Live, Work and Breathe again. This decision by the Foundation mirrors Gavin Newsom who refuses to release the data he uses to make decisions. Let’s call this what it is: the Nixon Foundation is playing good-ole-boy politics with the future of California. It’s an insult to all Californians and will do nothing but reduce turnout in this election. When party elites try to pick candidates, those candidates lose winnable elections. There’s a simple solution to give credibility to this debate: I call on the Foundation to include me in the debate on August 4.”

Californians can also call on the Nixon Foundation to include Le Roux in the upcoming debate by:

  • Calling (714) 364-1155
  • Emailing Executive Director Jim Byron at [email protected]
  • Tweeting @nixonfoundation

Female residents outnumber males in California, but the men will have the debate stage all to themselves in August. Deliberately ignoring a female candidate who is a top fundraiser and has demonstrated popular support on the issues facing California is a disgraceful step backward in an election that is all about bringing transparency and accountability to the Governor’s office.

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