Sobre Jenny Rae

Jenny Rae Le Roux es una exitosa propietaria de negocios, autora y asesora estratégica con una licenciatura en economía de la Universidad de Virginia y una maestría en administración de empresas de Columbia Business School. 

After launching her career advising companies and government organizations at Bain Consulting, she co-built tech companies in the energy and financial services industries before purchasing Management Consulted, a private tech-enabled services company. 

Jenny Rae has three sons; her two school-aged children attend a Spanish language immersion school, and the family operates a hobby ranch. She is a frequent presenter at Harvard Business School, the Wharton School of Business, and over 60 other top institutions, and she has been quoted in Forbes, Business Insider, and other business publications. 

One year ago, in the midst of the many crises gripping California, she said, “Someone should do something.” She modeled her own COVID plan using publicly available data, and hosted conversations about the future of public policy. After meeting with groups around California, she recognized major gaps in both policy and process, leading her to announce her candidacy for Governor of California.

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