Plan inteligente de EDD

I will take 5 steps to reform the EDD.

Smart EDD Plan Step 1: Leadership

I will bring in a new leadership team with experience getting results. We must fix these issues.

Smart EDD Plan Step 2: Training

I will ensure the EDD institutes a training program so representatives know how to solve claims issues. 

Smart EDD Plan Step 3: Technology Upgrades

I will update ancient computer systems that currently run on a 60-year-old programming language.

Smart EDD Plan Step 4: ID Verification

I will implement state-of-the art cybersecurity, an ID verification system, and rapid employer notifications to eliminate fraud. Experts say these fixes could have been implemented last year in as little as 4 days.

Smart EDD Plan Step 5: Eligibility Requirements

I will reintroduce eligibility requirements for unemployment aid.

How would I have handled the massive fraud and terrible claimant service problems of the EDD?

I’m running for Governor to free Californians to live, work, and breathe again. The data doesn’t lie: Gavin Newsom has failed at managing the EDD. 

I’m a leader who gets results – so I would have authorized spending for claims processing capacity in March 2020. A good leader mobilizes a team to plan ahead. In addition, instead of offering a no-bid contract for phone service to the same company that botched the 2013 computer upgrade, I would have opened a bidding war between providers to secure the best staffing support for the EDD at the best price.

I would have also mandated cybersecurity and identity verification systems for the EDD. Despite repeated fraud warnings from the federal government, the EDD waited 6 months and processed over 7 million claims before it began flagging addresses with unusually high numbers of claims. According to a recent audit, “the most egregious example” included 1,700 claims coming from a single address. Experts say fixes could have been implemented in as little as 4 days, but Gavin Newsom just didn’t seem to care.