I was with voters on the Central Coast this week talking about why California needs a leader of integrity, and how character is a key qualification for the Governor’s office.

I shared about that because I had an offer for a bigger, fancier event – but I kept my word and stuck to the original plan. 

And you know what? That meant something.

I will be a different kind of Governor by:

1. Not asking you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself (AKA locking down the state and then going to eat at a 5-star restaurant)

2. Focusing on the things that actually affect your life – crime, water, wildfire management, schools – instead of the things that don’t, like slipping $280M into the budget that could be used to renovate a baseball stadium.

3. Returning power to the people by giving up emergency powers Newsom has taken and advocating for local control.

By the end of the event, every single family in attendance had donated to my campaign.

These weren’t millionaires or billionaires.

They were ordinary Californians who want a Governor they can be proud of, and made a sacrifice to see a new type of leadership emerge in California.

Why? Because generosity is more important than wealth.

Because character should be the ultimate test for leadership.

If we are sick of the old way of politics, it’s time to fund a new way.

This week has been critical for our campaign. Per a carefully crafted strategy, we started to spend money – money you donated – to get the word out about my plan to Free California to Live, Work, and Breathe.

We reached tens of thousands of voters with our message.

Now, it’s time to pour fuel on the fire.

Donate now to fund our campaign to restore character to the Governor’s office. 

I’ll be a Governor you can be proud of, but can’t reach enough voters without your help.

Donate today to restore integrity to Sacramento.

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