What kind of future do you want for California?

Based on our current model, Gavin Newsom is winning this election. I woke up today fired up about the apathy I see – because apathy bears fruit, just as action does. 

One year from now, where will we be? I thought I’d put some fire in your belly as you go into your weekend.

Under Newsom, in 1 year we will have: 

  • Record wildfires again, because lying about forest planning, managing only 0.03% of the forest, and then blaming everyone else does nothing to change things.
  • Rolling power blackouts, because decommissioning power without a plan to replace it is mismanagement at its most absurd.
  • Rising prices for housing, gas, and food, because our legislature (and the special interests who fund Newsom) love to create new laws that don’t address crises but instead make it more expensive to hire and retain workers, leading to record inflation.
  • Harsh lockdowns, vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates that will drive nurses, teachers, policemen, and firefighters out of the state in record numbers, leaving us with increased staffing shortages.

Here’s some contrast. Under me, we will have: 

  • 1 million acres of forest managed in my 1st year, and care for grieving families who lost everything. I lost a rental home in a fire 3 years ago, and I will take urgent action.
  • Added power supply by pursuing an “all-of-the-above” energy approach, and a move to incentives instead of mandates to reduce rates. 
  • Reduced regulations to encourage not just job creation, but the conversion of part-time positions to full-time.
  • A transparent and data-driven COVID plan – focused on increasing testing capacity and speed and improving health education to save lives and keep workers – without mandates. 

Please encourage Democrats and Independents to vote Yes on the recall.

After all, whether they vote or not is their choice – but the future will happen to all of us either way. It’s just a question of which future.

This weekend, please reach out to 2 people who may not have voted. Check in with them. Encourage them to participate.

I’ll be in Madera today, Mariposa tomorrow, and greater LA on Sunday. Join me to reach out beyond party lines.

Let’s get this done California,

Jenny Rae